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Flexible Hex Editor - Neuigkeiten und Updates

[Jul 01, 2018] • FlexHex v2.70

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Neu in der Version 2.70:

  • Sources have been revised for the future release 3.0.
  • Fixed a number of bugs.

[Sep 16, 2008] • FlexHex v2.60

Neu in der Version 2.60:

  • Added the Block Coloring feature.
  • Bugfix: Search patterns were displayed in wrong colors depending on location.
  • A few more minor fixes.

[Apr 23, 2008] • FlexHex v2.50

Neu in der Version 2.50:

  • Now FlexHex supports for 64-bit operating systems (XP and Vista).
  • New hex string formats in the 'Insert Immediate' dialog.
  • A few minor fixes.

[Jan 21, 2008] • FlexHex v2.46

Neu in der Version 2.46:

  • This is a maintenance release fixing several issues (mostly minor).

[Nov 28, 2006] • FlexHex v2.40

Neu in der Version 2.40:

  • Now FlexHex is Vista Ready.
  • Improved floating data structures.

[Sep 14, 2006] • FlexHex v2.30

Neu in der Version 2.30:

  • Complex data types (structures) introduced.
  • Data fields can be anchored to data (sticky fields).
  • New commands: Go to Cluster (logical disks) and Go to Sector (physical and logical disks).


Sie können alle Funktionen von FlexHex risikofrei testen.

FlexHex herunterladen FlexHex läuft unter Windows 2000/XP/7/8/10

Minimalen Hardwareanforderungen:
Intel Pentium® oder AMD K5 processor mit 166 MHz


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